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While we are happy to provide all the services on The Celtic Harp Page free of charge, it's not free for us to run. We have to pay a regular hosting fee for the site, plus extra for excess web traffic whenever people download information or pictures from the site. The website is maintained strictly through volunteer effort, so no one gets paid for all the hard work that goes into answering emails, updating links, keeping the events page up to date, etc. Any donation you make to our site will help to support this wonderful free online resource for harp players everywhere, and will go 100% towards maintaining the site and covering our domain hosting costs. To donate through PayPal, simply click on the link below. The amount you give is totally up to you, and we appreciate every penny! Chubby Sparrow Music is the company through which we process all donations. (Find out more about the human element behind the CHP here.)

To donate by regular mail, please mail your cheque or money order made out to Tanah Haney ($US & $CDN only) to:
    Celtic Harp Page Donations c/o Chubby Sparrow
    725 Aylmer St. N.
    Peterborough, Ontario
    CANADA   K9H 3X5
NB: Please make cheques out to Tanah Haney. We can NOT cash cheques made out to the Celtic Harp Page and they will be sent back. Tanah is the owner, webmaster and accounts manager of the Celtic Harp Page. All donation cheques sent to Tanah will be put directly towards the maintenance of The Celtic Harp Page (most of it will go towards covering our domain hosting fees). To find out more about Tanah and her musical projects (yes, she is a real person!), you can visit her personal page at