Gerhard Wanney, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

Gerhard designed and constructed my first big harp, a gorgeous 34-string floor model Celtic harp done in walnut and spruce. His harps have wonderful resonance, a beautiful sound, and are sturdily and practically built. Gerhard makes harps because he loves to do it, and he likes to focus his energy on what he feels is his ideal model. He tends to just have one style of harp at any given time, however he will customize each harp he builds. I absolutely love the 34-string he made for me. Right now he has taken to making a 36-string, which is his most current model. He's a master wood-worker, and along with making furniture and instruments he can also do beautiful custom carvings to decorate the harp (for sample pictures, contact him at the number below). Since Gerhard works alone out of his home, it is not practical for him to do any packages or deals, so if you want a harp case you will have to get it separately (although you do get a warranty, a hand-made tuning peg, and you should be able to get a spare set of strings as well if you ask).

This is a picture of me with Rauri, the harp Gerhard made for me in the summer of 1997. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture.

Tanah with a Gerhard Wanney harp

Gerhard lives in Saltair on Vancouver Island. Any questions about ordering his harps can be directed to him personally. His phone number is (250) 245-2985. New: Gerhard also has a webpage now, which you can see at

For more info on the harp pictured above, feel free to email me at