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The following books are either exclusively about the harp, or contain useful information relating to the harp. The categories are:
  • Harp History & Culture
  • Harp Music Collections
  • Wedding Music Collections
  • Method, Theory & Arranging Books
  • General Information (handbooks, etc.)
  • Multi-course & Wire Strung Harps

  • For books that I have read and/or used, I've included a brief description or a more lengthy review. Comments by me are followed by my initials, T.H. Any comments I have received from other people are so noted. Due to the wonderfully extensive array of harp method books and music collections out there, I've decided to limit those listings to books that I have had a chance to review personally (with the exception of wire or double/cross-strung books), and to keep the focus on the Celtic harp. However, I'm always willing to consider any new book, so feel free to send your comments or suggestions to We also have a reviews section where we review harp music and books.
    Note: The Celtic Harp Page has been collecting and reviewing harp books since 2001, so it's possible that some of the books we've listed have since been revised, or the composer/arranger's contact information (e.g. website) has changed. If you come across any details that you feel need updating, drop us a line.
    For more harp music, see our harp music sources section. Also, many of the companies listed under harp makers sell music as well.   - T.H. (editor/webmaster)