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This is where we list harp journal reviews (print and online) from previous years/months. For our current reviews, see our reviews section.

HarpLight - The Journal for Small Harps - reviewed March 1st, 2001
HarpLight is a relatively young harp journal, run by Cindy Ellen Morgan of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. It's now in its third issue, and already has subscribers from around the world [update: HarpLight is still very active as of 2003 and is already on its 8th issue]. For a long time, the smaller harps have been neglected, considered somehow inferior to their bigger or more ornate cousins. Cindy Ellen rightfully pulls the small harp out of obscurity, focusing on it as the serious and worthwhile instrument that it is. Small harps include lap harps, and harps up to about 29 strings. Recognizing that music for small harps (especially those without levers) can be hard to find, Cindy Ellen always includes at least three pieces of music in each issue. She also makes a point of trying to include articles and music that are helpful to beginners. As it says on her web site: "The music in HarpLight aims to be a balance of original compositions and arrangements, for a spectrum of playing levels. Where possible, pieces for beginner-level players include fingerings and explanations of technique." It's also a great resource for advanced players & professionals, as well as including info on upcoming events, reviews, and other articles of interest. - T.H.
   To learn more about HarpLight, you can visit the web site at

Other Journals
Some of the more well-known harp journals include:
  • The Folk Harp Journal, put out by the ISFHC. Lots of info for lever harp and other folk harp players, including numerous events announcements, music, and various articles. ISFHC homepage:
  • The Harp Therapy Journal. Published quarterly by Planet Harp, The Harp Therapy Journal is "dedicated to furthering education, research, communication and awareness in the emerging field of harp therapy." Available in both print and online versions.
  • The Kilt and Harp. This journal focuses on Scottish music, and has up-to-date information on Scottish and other harp competitions. Also a good source for Scottish harp music.
  • Harp Column. More suitable for pedal harpists. A flashy, glossy magazine without much folk harp content.
  • HARPA - Has a great trilingual website at, where you can subscribe to a free e-newsletter about harp events. European focus, however the magazine often has interesting harp articles of general interest.

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