Spring Peeper Press Discounts & Bulk/Wholesale Orders
On Spring Peeper / Chubby Sparrow Publications

Discounts available for teachers, retailers and other bulk orders are as follows:

  • Teachers: 10% off any multiple order up to 5, over 5 books as below (please call or e-mail first for confirmation)
  • Students: 5% discount on any order totalling $30 or more (please call or e-mail first for confirmation)
  • Other Bulk Orders:
      5-10 books: 20% off (before S&H)
      Over 10 books: Please contact us for more information.
      Sheet Music Bulk Orders: Please contact us for more information
  • Music & Harp Stores & Other Retailers: Please call or e-mail us if you wish to carry Chubby Sparrow publications in your shop, and we will be happy to discuss details. Wholesale prices generally range between 30%-40% off depending on amount ordered.
Contact Information:
    Email: sparrow@celticharper.com
    Phone: (705) 748-3750 (10 a.m. - 7 p.m.)

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