Spring Peeper Press Ordering Using Paypal

Since we started getting requests for ordering multiple publications through PayPal, we've simplified this section significantly. Please follow these steps to ensure that your orders are properly received and processed.

  1. You will still need to fill out and mail the standard ordering form. E-mail orders are acceptable if they include all the same information as on the regular order form (name, address, phone, what you're ordering and how much, shipping and handling). To e-mail your order, please peruse the regular order form, and then send the appropriate information to ordering@celticharper.com.
  2. Calculate your final total including shipping by using the price and shipping lists on our ordering page (click here).
  3. If you have any questions about shipping (for instance, if it is a large order or will be sent to a destination outside Canada or the USA), you can e-mail us or call 705-748-3750 and we will be happy to give you an accurate quote.
  4. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can set one up by going to paypal.com
  5. Once you have an active account, simply e-mail the final amount (including shipping) to ordering@celticharper.com
    Instructions for how to do this can be found at http://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_send-money
  6. We will send a confirmation out for every e-mail order received, and will process and ship your order as soon as payment is confirmed.
  7. If you don't hear back from us in a reasonable period of time (24 hours for e-mail confirmations and PayPal orders), you can e-mail us again or call 705-748-3750 between the hours of 10am and 7pm. PayPal is notorious for not always sending us e-mail confirmations of payment, which is one of the reasons we ask people to send us an order form separately, to ensure that your order is processed quickly.

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