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A Note on Fees
The Stringwood Trio charges by the hour. Please email or call us (705-748-3750) for our current rates. Travel time is charged separately, for destinations more than 10 minutes outside of central Peterborough.

Requests and Rehearsals
A list of our most common wedding pieces, and downloadable files of our complete repertoire are available in our music section.
If you have a special request that is not in our repertoire list, we require a minimum of one month's (4 weeks) notice, as well as copies of the sheet music of the piece(s) in question; also an extra rehearsal fee may apply depending on the length and complexity of the piece to be learned. If you are considering asking for a song that is not in our list, please contact us as soon ahead of time as you can, so we can negotiate which pieces you are interested in, and whether or not any extra rehearsals and/or rehearsal fees may apply.
Normally, the Trio members do not attend wedding rehearsals. However, if you require a trio member to be present at your wedding rehearsal, please inform us at the time at which you book the trio. A rehearsal fee may apply depending on the location, the length of the rehearsal, and whether or not playing is required.

The Trio is able to play amplified as well as acoustically if requested. Amplification is not normally required at wedding ceremonies or outdoors, but is recommended for receptions or when the music needs to reach a large crowd, or cover a large area.
The Stringwood Trio is happy to provide amplification free of charge, but we will need to arrive a little earlier to set up. If the amplification is provided by the venue or the clients, we will require advanced notice and again, will need to arrive early to set up. If you are thinking of requesting that the Trio play amplified, please let us know ASAP, preferably at the time of booking, or at least two weeks in advance of the performance date.

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