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This is our section for harp makers, companies, performers and teachers who don't have a web page yet; and for those teachers who wanted an expanded listing (some of whom may have their own websites). Please note that all descriptions are courtesy of the listers, so please contact them directly with any questions. Note that e-mail addresses for individuals have been left as plain text rather than active links to avoid spam; simply select and copy the e-mail address and paste into the "to" window of your outgoing e-mail.

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Atlanta Heavenly Harps: Family operation for renting, lease/purchase, sale or bartering. Sizes from 9-string baby harps by Argent Fox, to 36-string Troubadours, Cunninghams, Dusty Strings, Triplett; medium sized from Stoney End, Music Makers, Blevins, Praiseworthy, others. We consider it a privilege to meet the needs of harpers, local and long distances! When possible, we trade or buy good used harps. Our hours are 24/7 since we work from home. Please contact Beckie at Phone: 404-634-4475. We will do our best to supply just what you're looking for.

C. F. Casey Guitars & Harps (Fred Casey, luthier & Kate Ferris, business manager)
P. O. Box 508
Winnipeg Beach, MB R0C 3G0
Phone (Toll-free) 1-866-389-2024
Fax: (204) 389-2071    E-mail:

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TEACHERS (alphabetical)

Annette Bjorling - Private Harp Lessons (Lever & Pedal)
"World¹s First and Only Klezmer Harpist", is an experienced teacher of both lever & pedal harp in various styles of music (classical music from early music to contemporary, world music from Celtic culture to the Middle East, improvisation,...). Beginners, intermediate & advanced students. Rental harps available. Annette offers workshops in other regions as well, for groups (harps and/or other instruments), who are interested in special subjects like klezmer (East European Jewish instrumental music), Turkish & Greek music.
Chicago area. For information call: 847-475-3905 or email:

Hannah Eagleson - Pedal & Lever
Located in Hershey, PA. Harpist for 15 years, several years experience teaching.
Phone: 717-512-4950    Email:

Bethany Evans - Pedal and Lever Harp
534 Judson St SE, Salem, OR 97302.
Phone:(503) 399-7374.   E-mail:

Mary Fitzgerald - Celtic (and some pedal)
Prominent Bowie, Maryland music teacher Mary Fitzgerald captivated an international audience as a wonderfully talented Celtic harper and singer, with a style that ranged from delicate to hard-driving. She played for princes, prime ministers and presidents during her 20-year career as the US Navy's chief White House support musician, and distinguished herself as the only Navy Band soloist to perform inside the White House, regularly appearing before the President and First Lady and at high-visibility engagements for Heads of State, including President George Bush, Sr.'s Luncheon for Nelson Mandela, President Clinton's St. Patrick's Day parties, and Vice President Gore's private dinner for Russian Prime Minister Chornomyrdin.
Mary Fitzgerald’s students who were candidates for the 2006 International Trinity College London performance exams all passed with "Distinction" (the highest category). You too can learn harp this side of Heaven (TM). Contact her at 301-352-3690 or email at

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Gloria Galante - Celtic, Paraguayan, Classical & Jazz
E-mail:    Phone: (215)-342-9397
Address: PO Box 733, Morrisville, PA 19067
Non-harp web page:

Joyce M. Leonard - Lever and Pedal Harp
Celtic, Ethnic, Folk, Classical; Beginners through Advanced; All Ages. Located in Portland, Oregon.
E-mail:   Phone: 503-654-2089

Debi MacKay - Lever harp
Debi teaches beginner/ intermediate adults, children and youth. She follows the school holidays for the most part but is available on an ad hoc basis for summer lessons for adults. She teaches lever harp with what she calls a blended Grandjany/Salzedo technique using the RCM syllabus plus some improvisational skills interwoven. She also performs and works at nursing homes doing therapeutic harp. Debi is located in Oro Station, ON, L0L 2E0.
E-mail:   Phone: 705-487-2463

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Leslie McInnis - Pedal Harp (Jazz, Classical, some Celtic)
I took four lessons with Leslie, and she proved to be an excellent teacher, and very patient! You do not have to have a pedal harp to benefit from her many pointers on technique and style; they apply equally to lever harps as well. Leslie can be reached at (416) 590-0519.
She lives on Willowdale in North York, Ontario (part of the larger Toronto area).

Alyssa Michalsky - Pedal & Lever harp (Classical, Contemporary, Popular, Jazz, Improvisation)
Alyssa has a Master's Degree in harp performance and is an accomplished performer and teacher as well as having two classical CDs to her name. She teaches any age group from beginners to advanced musicians. Teaching styles include the Suzuki method as well as both Grandjany and Salzedo training. Have the traditional classical training, or learn to play your favorite songs with some great improvisational tutelage! Alyssa is located Hamilton, Ontario and can be reached at 905-538-5318, or you can visit her website at

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Elizabeth ("Betsy") Paine
Houston, TX or Anywhere. Now offering ONLINE HARP INSTRUCTION using Skype as well as traditional lessons in my NW Houston studio. I teach pedal, lever, and cross-strung harp based on the Grandjany method. Please e-mail or or call 832-607-9128 for more information.

Jennifer Pratt-Walter - modified Grandjany style on Celtic harp
Celtic, Early, and light classical music, with forays into contemporary. Music theory is integrated into lessons as well. Jennifer has played for fifteen years, and performed for about 12 (as of Jan. 2000).
E-mail:    Phone:(360) 693-4715
Address: 5413 N. Alki Road, Vancouver, WA 98663

Bonnie Pulliam - lever, cross-strung, & double-strung
Bonnie has taught harp for two years in Missoula and travels once a month to teach in the Bozeman area. She performs as a soloist and in two ensembles and plays lever, cross-strung, and double-strung harps. She has 29-string rental harps available for student use.
Location: Missoula, Montana
Phone: (406) 549-1014     E-mail:

Dr. Julieanne Rabens
Julieanne now has a website, which you can visit by going to:

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Donna Rickard
Donna was classically trained and has been a solo performer for many years. Her approach to teaching is developing proper technique and well as a love of playing by tailoring lessons to the student's individual goals and abilities. She gives private lessons in her home and has both lever and pedal harps available. All ages and abilities are welcomed. Donna teaches in Lake Forest, which is in southern Orange County, California.
E-mail:    Phone: 949-830-6578.

Barbara Seidman
Barbara was recommended by Mary Fitzgerald who sent us this description:
Barbara has thorough knowledge of the classical harp literature, for solo, chamber and orchestral playing, and she is marvelously inventive in helping the student discover the most effective way to practice, and to approach the harp in the most ergonomical, physiologically healthy fashion from her extensive training in the Alexander technique. She is delighted to assist Celtic or other folk harpers discover the most comfortable means of moving the hands on the harp, in order to eliminate tension, and to prevent pain and injury.
Location: DC metropolitan area.     Phone: (301) 656-4473

Kristin Tescher
Located in Rockport, Maine. Ms. Tescher has an album with her husband, harp luthier Nikos Apollonio, 'More Maine Coast Music' and in addition to private lessons does a Wednesday eve harp circle.
E-mail:    Phone: (207) 594-0032

Jan Turley - Lever Harp
Jan has been playing the harp both solo and with ensembles for about 7 years professionally and has been on public radio several times. Jan is classicaly trained and records and preforms with the group "Jadis", specializing in early music (900 AD to 1700 AD). Jan also plays and records Celtic (Irish, French and Scottish) music as well as folk music from around the world. Jan will teach sight reading and playing by ear as well as regular music reading, music theory and arranging. Located in Spokane, Washington. For more info e-mail:

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Alana Viner - Celtic
Alana began her studies with Mary Anderson, and is self-taught the rest of the way. She has been playing for almost four years, and is comfortable teaching beginners. She performs locally with her "harp partner", harpist/pianist Carolyn McIlwraith, as "Harp to Harp". Alana is also a vocal soloist.
Alana is located in the Waterloo, Ontario area. She can be reached by phone at (519) 744-9643 and by E-mail at

Sharlene Wallace - Celtic
Sharlene is a reknowned harpist who has made numerous recordings. She is based in the Toronto area and teaches Celtic harp primarily, although she also plays the pedal harp. I have heard rave reviews from several of her current and former students.
She can be reached by phone at: (416) 346-6600, or by email at
Sharlene also has a web page dedicated to her career as a performer and recording artist:

Susan Zevenbergen - Celtic/Lever
Susan teaches Celtic or lever harp in Denver and on Skype. She especially loves teaching adult beginners with limited or mixed previous musical experience who need a friendly and encouraging advocate as they pursue their dreams. She believes in empowering students to create their own music right from the beginning, with an emphasis on improvisation as well as harp technique, and she teaches a variety of genres, from classical and Celtic to contemporary and jazz. Located in Arvada, CO 80003. Website: Phone: 303-351-2577

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(for a list of recording artists on the web, click here)


"Dha Chlairseach" announces the release of "Aisling" mid-March, 2001. Dha Chlairseach is Irminsul ( Scott Jorgensen) and Aisling (Maureen Duffy-Boose) "Dha Chlairseach" means "two harps" in Irish Gaelic. Small, self-mastered studio recording, but live and unmessed with.
Setlist includes:

Roslyn Castle
King O' the Faeries
Sidhe Beag agus Sidhe Mor
Susy Maguire/Arise and Dress Yourself
Twa Corbies
Planxty Burke
Fanny Poer/Llwyn Onn
Brennan's Fancy
Scarborough Faire/Aisling
Brian Boru's March
Jock O' Hazeldeane
George Brabazon/The Princess Royal
Green Man's Morris
Ramble to Cashel
The CD costs $20.00 plus $2.50 S&H in the USA. For more you can contact Dha Chlairseach at:
Address: Aisling's Airts Recordings, 881 Marjane Avenue, Salt Lake City UT USA 84107

Garden Song, music for a day in the garden by Julie Hussar
Hammered dulcimer and Celtic harp
$5.00 from each sale will be donated to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Michigan for breast cancer research.
Available by mail order. Interested parties may E-mail Julie directly at

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Vixen Harps now has their own website, new as of February 2005. Check it out at

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