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(Note: Listings in this section are in the order of most recently added)

Harps for Rent in the USA    (Canada  /  International  /  Back to Top)

2 Lever harps available for rent in San Diego, CA: Dusty Strings Ravenna with 26 strings, $35/month; Blevins 23 strings, $25/month. Renters also pay a deposit of 1.5x rental cost ($52.50 for the Ravenna and $37.50 for the Blevins) at the start of lease which will be refunded at termination of lease. Please visit our website at

Wilma Liles in Kansas City has harps for rent to the metro area. for more information and to contact.

Lever harps for rent in New Jersey, 34 strings fully levered contact via

Bonnie Mitchell, Kealakekua, Hawaii, has new and used harps for purchase and rental

Orlando, FL. Pedal and lever harps available for rent from Jan Jennings, or 407-905-2501.

The Michigan Harp Center has rental harps for students and professionals.

Harpnotes in Atlanta has lever harps for rent. Lyon & Healy and Thormahlen harps available. Call: 770-442-9172 or e-mail: or see:

Stoney End Harps has a great rent-to-own program; for more details see their website at

Atlanta Heavenly Harps: Family operation for renting, lease/purchase, sale or bartering. For more info click here.

Triplett harps has rental harps available for teachers to buy for their students. These harps are 30 strings and come in maple, walnut and cherry. Triplett offers a financing program for a minimum order of 3 harps and also offers discounted prices for out-right purchases. If anyone would like to see these harps you can visit the web site at or email Debbie Triplett for further information at

The Vanderbilt Music Company has a Lever Harp Rent to Own Program, which includes both Lyon & Healy and Salvi lever harps. To find out more, you can visit their web site at:

Blevins and Triplett Harps for sale and rent. Unbeatable Rent/Buy Programme. Rosemary Caine. 413-773-8448

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Harps for Rent in Canada    (USA  /  International  /  Back to Top)

Long and McQuade offers Harpsicles for rent through their Oshawa and Peteborough, ON stores (and possibly other locations as well). - Located in Toronto, ON. Rental and Used harps available.  /

The Classical Harp Academy: Harps available for rental include Blevins, Lyon & Healy, Salvi, and Dusty Strings. Based in Ottawa, ON. CHA also has a small rental outlet in Toronto. Tel: 1-613-218-7319   Contact: Mrs. Mei-Lan Sim   Web:

Alison Vardy has harps to rent in Victoria BC.

Vixen Harps (Canada) has harps available for rent. Website:

The Eastcoast Harpshop (Nova Scotia) sometimes has harps to rent. See their "In Shop Stock" section for details.

Harps for Rent Internationally    (Canada  /  USA  /  Back to Top)

Teifi Harps, Wales. Celtic (folk/lever) harps for rent, see website for details.

The Historical Harp Society of Ireland has accurate replicas of Early Irish Harps (wire-strung) for rent (in Ireland and Scotland) as well as for sale (all over the world). To see the range of rental instruments please visit For further information about renting options please contact us at or +353 (0)51 646286.

Denwar Harps, sales & rentals - Australia - wire lap harps also now available

Harps and Harps (NSW Australia) often has used and rental or hire harps available. For more info visit their web site at

For information on new harps, for sale by maker or company, see the "Buying a Harp" section. If you would like to place an ad here, you can e-mail the appropriate info to this is a free service.)

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NOTE: The CHP used harps classified section has been discontinued. If you are looking to buy or sell a used harp, try one of the pages below. If you are located in Ontario, you are welcome to post your used harp on the Ontario Harps facebook page (HarPO) -T.H.
  • The "Harplust" page lists harp makers, harp vendors and vendors of harp accessories (maintained by Mike Nielsen)
  • Harps etc. in California sometimes has used harps for sale, see their website for more info.
  • Looking for a used harp in Wales/The U.K.? Try
  • Blevins Harps sometimes has used harps for sale in their "Deals" section.
  • The Harp Column has a classifieds page, which includes lever and pedal harps.
  • The Harp Mall (classifieds section)
  • Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe has a used instruments page.
  • Michigan Harp Center (see their "harps" section)
  • Pencerdd Harps has a "pre-owned" harps section.
  • West Coast Harps has used harps and consignments.
  • Bonnie Mitchell carries new & used harps (Kealakekua, Hawaii)

  • Please Note that the Harps Wanted section has also been discontinued. Both it and the used harps classifieds were unfortunately receiving too much interest from scammers. The Rental Harps section will continue to remain active. -T.H.