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This is a section specially devoted to playing harp at weddings, which as anyone who's done it can attest, is a unique experience in the harp performing world. This section includes reviews of wedding music collections for lever harp, a helpful hints page including some suggestions of tunes and songs suitable for weddings, and suitable links (wedding sites you can list your services on, etc.).

This page is for the occasional performer as well as professionals. In my years of playing for weddings, I've run up against most of the hurdles that a lever harpist can experience. Some harpists may only play at one or two weddings in their lifetime (say, for that of a friend); some (like me) do a fair bit of wedding music spring-fall along with other gigs, and some are die-hard wedding professionals that may do over 100 weddings in any given season (yikes!). Whatever your reason for wanting to explore wedding music, we've tried to make it clear which music collections are most lever-harp friendly, and what to look out for when choosing music. If you're just getting into the playing-for-money thing, you might want to also take a look at our Advice on Becoming a Professional Musician section, which is a general overview of professional playing for those new to the business.

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