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Coming soon - more links to sites where you can list your services, general wedding sites, and other harp-specific wedding sites. Suggestions for links are always welcome.

Places where you can list your services as harpist for hire (solo or with a group) include:
   The Harp Mall
   The Ultimate Wedding Guide at
   Amy Weddings
...and on this site in our "Other Harpers on the Net" section

Here are two places where you can find lists of tunes appropriate to weddings - solo harp stuff (Celtic & some early classical) - more extensive list, from the Stringwood Trio page

You might also want to check out sites like "Wedding Music 101" at - this is meant mainly for brides to be, so it gives you a good idea of what your clients will be looking at, and what kind of requests they might be making. A lot of young couples are clueless about how to organize their wedding, and will check books and websites for whatever help they can get. If you peruse those sites yourself, you'll be prepared for what they'll be expecting - at the very least, you can have a few excuses already planned out as to why you won't play certain songs, or you can use it to help make additions to your repertoire list.

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