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What do the following Bands & Ensembles have in common? They all feature a harp as part of their lineup, of course!
Acacia Lyra, Ottawa, ON
Ardyth & Jennifer - harp & voice duo
Avalon Rising
Banquo Folk and Early Music Ensemble
Bella Musica - flute & harp duo
Binnorie harp duo
Brandywine Harp Orchestra
Bronzewood Paedeia, harp & handbells
CLAZZ Music Ensemble
Early On - Early & Trad. Irish music
Ensemble Galilei
Farr Horizons Trio
Hurly Burly Medieval Ensemble
Jaiya - A Celtic-fusion band
Lincoln Harp Duo, Lincoln, NE
Lumina Celtic Harp and Flute Duo
Magical Strings
Flute and harp duo Les Muses
Norland Wind
The Prairie Flute & Harp Duo, Lincoln, NE
Port Righ - Celtic harp and bagpipe
Slight Imperfection, Celtic harp & guitar singer-songwriter duo
Sneddon & Sneddon - Harp and Flute, NYC area & Hudson Valley
The Stringwood Trio - Harp, Flute & Cello
Thistle n' Thyme
Tuatha De Danann
Winter Harp
Woad - harp duo

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The following are links to Professional Harpists & other personal harp pages.
Tristan Adair
Katie Targett Adams
Susan Allen
Mary Jane Ballou, St. Augustine & First Coast area, Florida
Jacquelyn Brown
Jennifer Buehler, Lincoln, NE
Anneliese Cameron
Devon Carpenter, Jacksonville, IL
Debbie Carroll
Martha Clancy
Glenda Clwyd, South Wales
Nancy Davis, Spokane, WA
De Luna, Hooksett, NH
Cecile Denis, Regina, SK
Barbara Duhl-Emswiler
Regina Ederveen (website in Dutch & English)
Emerald Harp Productions
Barbara Fackler, northern Illinois
Sabrina Falls, Indianapolis
Dearbhail Finnegan
Alice Freeman, Wyoming & Northern Colorado
Melanie Gacanin, Harp FX, SW Ontario & Michigan
Kathleen Gahagan - London & SW Ontario
Donna Germano
Marianne Goodland, Celtic harpist, Denver, Colorado
Phamie Gow
Mara Grey, WA
Joanne Griffin, Ottawa, ON
Tanah Haney, Peterborough & the Kawarthas, ON
Alys Howe, Vancouver, B.C.
Stephanie Janowski, San Jose, CA
Jan Jennings, Orlando, FL
Joanna Jordan, Toronto, ON
Mary LeBus, Monmouth County NJ
Maggie's Music - Hazel Grove
Kate Macdonald , Manitoba
Aedan MacDonnell
Karen Marshalsay, Scotland
Dolores Martin, Pittsburgh Area
Alyssa Michalsky
Bonnie Mitchell, Kealakekua, Hawaii
Moonrakers - Anna Lockett
Jo Morrison
Mary Muckle, Ottawa, ON
Mike Nielson, Delaware
Moira Nelson, Toronto, ON
Diane O'Malley
Rita Nauman, Celtic Harp and Drum
Heather Paschoal, Petaluma, CA
Mona Peck
Maggie Pinckard
Ray Pool
Anne Postic, Landerneau, Bretagne FR
Christine Fraser Ramsey
Anne Roos
Diana Rowan
Simon's Harp Page
Margaret Sanzo Sneddon, NYC area
Amy Stephen
Peter Sterling
Odarka Polanskyj Stockert, Millburn, NJ
Marian Sussman, Seattle area
Ellen Tepper, Philadelphia, PA
Terri's Harp Site
D.L. Turner
Zoe Vandermeer
Alison Vardy, Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island BC
Amy Walts, Celtic Harper
Sarajane Williams
Janet Witman, DE, PA, MD; Celtic & Classical
Kelly Yousoufian
Susan Zevenbergen, Northern Colorado

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The following are links to Local Groups around North America  (International links are also welcome)
The Colorado Celtic Harp Society - Events, ensembles, monthly harp circles and other items of interest for Celtic harpers in Colorado
Hudson Valley Harp Circle, NY Upper Hudson Valley region
Gulf Coast Harpers, Houston, TX
Reigning Harps, Puget Sound Folk Harp Society (also general info on Pacific Northwest harp events)
Ryeland Harp Ring, Pennsylvania

For more groups, check out "Societies & Organizations" in our "General Links" section. Also see the Folk Harp Society (ISFHC) Chapters listing

For a list of more recording artists (from famous harpers to those new on the harp scene) click here.
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