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The Celtic Harp Page (Original/Classic version) has been coasting in dormant mode for a couple of years, but we're hoping to do a major update over the next few months to get rid of any obsolete listings and make any necessary updates to our permanent articles and information sections.

Similarly, the old Harp Blog is in the process of being revived over at the new WordPress location, We'll be leaving the original Harp Blog up as long as we can, since it contains a bunch of useful information, but the old Blog ( is technically retired as of 2017 and will no longer be updated.

If you know of an old listing or other information that needs updating or deleting, please let us know, you can email or contact us via the new Wordpress-based Celtic Harp Page at

Other Listings: The Celtic Harp Page is always happy to list anything harp-related. Although the site was started to provide more information on Celtic Harps, we've since become more of a Universal Harp Page. Everyone is welcome! So if you have events or listings relating to pedal harps, Paraguayan harps, cross-strung harps, you name it - let us know! For more information on How to Submit Listings, go here.

Want more info on anything you see here? Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have at