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Social Media: You can find us on Facebook via the OntarioHarp Facebook Page ("HarPO"). Simply "like" us to join - we'd love to hear from you!

Events: The Celtic Harp Page maintains a list of upcoming and ongoing/annual Harp Events here. If you have an event you'd like us to post, you can send the pertinent info to If you would like to see your event showcased on the Harp Blog, please include that in your request (Text only please - no photos, fliers, or other attachments. Links to same are fine though).

Other Listings: The Celtic Harp Page is always happy to list anything harp-related. Although the site was started to provide more information on Celtic Harps, we've since become more of a Universal Harp Page. Everyone is welcome! So if you have events or listings relating to pedal harps, Paraguayan harps, cross-strung harps, you name it - let us know! For more information on How to Submit Listings, go here.

Blog - 2017 Note: The Harp Blog is in hibernation at the moment, but we hope to be reviving it soon. For regular updates, news and fun harp stuff please visit our Facebook Page:
Comments and suggestions for harp-related links and listings are always welcome.

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