Foot stompin’ Celtic music – on pedal harp!

Major props to harpist Alex Bigney for giving the pedal harp a truly Celtic voice.  Every other time I’ve heard Celtic music played on pedal harp it either sounded stilted or over-played.  This set rocks!


One thought on “Foot stompin’ Celtic music – on pedal harp!

  1. Thanks for posting this video! It shows that a low string tension isn’t required to play folk music well – apparently, even on a high tensioned pedal harp it’s possible to do triplets well! (I still can’t do them on my low tensioned harp, but that’s another matter… :P)

    Nice to see you’re back :). I used to follow your blog but in 2010 (yes, looong ago) it sort of went on hiatus for a while so I forgot about it… a very nice treat to see two and a half pages of nice harp videos waiting to be watched!

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