Happy Thanksgiving! and Formatting Oddness

Just what one needs on a holiday weekend, is having to deal with computer woes. It seems that part of the problem behind the Harp Blog being hacked earlier this year was that the template we were using had been compromised somehow. So, I’ve changed the template to the most current (non-hacked) version. Unfortunately, as you can see it’s messed with the formatting somewhat. I’ll be searcing for a tidier template when I get back home, but in the meantime, all the content is the same (and all the posts seem to have remained spam-free, thank goodness), so you can still browse harpy goodness to your heart’s content.

To all the Canadian harpists out there, hope you’re having a good Thanksgiving weekend! Here it is wonderfully sunny, cool and breezy, and the fall colours are just brilliant. Off to go do more food prep (hopefully we’ve kicked this hacker business once and for all!).

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