Harp Quest bridges & locks in Laekfield, Buckhorn & Omemee, Ontario

#23 - Lakefield Dam - since you can walk across it we considered it a bridge - the harp got to visit it, as we looked for spots to play, but it was cold, windy and not very picturesque. This is the only spot we didn't get photos of.

Lakefield1 Lakefield2
#24 - Lakefield, Ontario - Main Bridge Entering Lakefield

Buckhorn Lock #25 - Buckhorn Lock 31
Bridge near Buckhorn lock #26 - Bridge near Buckhorn lock
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Old Rail Bridge, Omemee #27 - Old Rail Bridge, Omemee
Omemee Main Bridge #28 - Main Bridge Entering Omemee

#29 - Single Lane Bridge, Omemee - This one's on our last roll of film, which isn't developed yet - pic coming soon!

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