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A la Mode for Harp Players by Tanah Haney À la Mode: For Harp Players by Tanah Haney - 10 harp pieces exploring modes and tricky time signatures.
À la Mode introduces harp players to the Greek modes, including the Locrian mode, and the pentatonic scale, as well as eight different time signatures (including tricky ones like 5/4). While modal music is prevalent in harp music, and especially well suited to the folk (Celtic/lever) harp, many people are unfamiliar with the modes themselves. Also, most method books only introduce the basic time signatures, e.g. common time and 3/4. À la Mode fills that gap by exploring the modes and time signatures through a series of 10 fun pieces (both traditional and original) arranged for solo harp. All pieces can be played on any harp that goes down to the C below middle C. Many of the pieces can also be played on smaller harps, with some alteration of the left hand accompaniment, or by shifting the entire piece up one octave. Levers are required on F's, C's and B's only (there is one E flat in "What is a Day", however it can be played as an E natural). Pieces range from easy to intermediate. Lever or pedal harp. More...
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Harp Exercises for Agility and Speed by Deborah Friou
An excellent collection of exercises for any harpist, beginner to advanced, lever or pedal. It includes at least some exercises for just about every aspect of harp technique: solid intervals and chords, broken chords, rolled chords, arpeggios, placing, jumping, slides, finger independence, runs and scales, etc. It also includes several studies which use the various techniques that the exercises focus on.
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The Harper's Handbook by Laurie Riley
Good basic advice for beginning and self-taught harpists. As a teacher, I usually spend quite a bit of time during the first few lessons explaining many of the things mentioned in this book. There are notes on types of harps, buying a harp and caring for it, tuning, lessons, practising, "What is talent?", styles and techniques, playing by ear, posture, etc. Current versions of this book also include Preventing and Correcting Chronic Harp-Related Injury, helpful information on how to avoid injury while playing the harp, including some explanation of the different types of repetitive strain injuries, and what you can do about them. The notes on posture and descriptions of injuries are useful for any instrument player, but the advice is harp-specific.
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