Harp Music For Special Occasions
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I play a variety of music on the Celtic harp, incorporating the styles of Celtic, classical, medieval and folk music (for a sample list of tunes click here). I've had extensive experience playing at weddings, parties, holiday celebrations, charity events, folk festivals and other venues. I play a 34-string floor model Celtic (lever) harp, and I also have several smaller harps that I bring to festivals and other more intimate venues. Some of the other harps I play are a 24-string Dusty Strings Allegro, a 29-string cherry harp by Stanley & Stanley, a double-strung lap harp, a 30-string wire-strung clarsach, a 19-string Paraguayan-style travel harp, and a cross-strung lap harp. I also regularly borrow a replica Romanesque (medieval) gut-strung harp to play with my early music ensemble Hurly Burly.
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Along with my solo work, I am also part of the following ensembles:
I play harp in the Stringwood Trio, a flute, harp & cello ensemble specializing in classical and Celtic music for all special occasions. We have a diverse repertoire that includes most wedding standards (of the classical and Celtic variety), and are also willing to take requests. Please see the Stringwood Trio web site at www.celticharper.com/stringwood for more details.
I also play with a number of local Celtic musicians. If you're looking for upbeat music, and a larger Celtic ensemble, we can usually manage anywhere from a three- to five-part Celtic band (given enough advance notice). Bands that I've played with include Rattle the Reeds, Clachaig and Rum & Onions. Instruments played (depending on the ensemble) can include flute, whistle, cello, fiddle, accordian, piano, recorder, dulcimer and guitar.
I am currently the artistic director of Hurly Burly, a long-standing local early music ensemble specializing in music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods (the time period we cover ranges from roughly 1100-1600 AD). All of our members play several different instruments, as well as sing. Among the instruments played in the ensemble are recorders, harp, dulcimer, flute, citole, mandolin, racket, psaltery, lute-guitar, period fiddle, and various percussion. We usually put on several concerts in the spring, fall and winter, and have performed at fairs and festivals, as well as for educational demonstrations. We have also done Medieval theme weddings, and can perform in full period costume. To visit the Hurly Burly webpage, click here.
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Other Music Stuff: Although the Celtic and early music noted above is mainly what I do for a living, my musical tastes vary a great deal and I also play a number of other instruments, most notably the piano/keyboard, as well as all sizes of recorder and the clarinet. I dabble in a wide variety of musical styles (some of them hard to define), which you can get a better idea of by going here and checking out my list of Musical Influences

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