Playing in Perth, Ontario, Harp Quest 2002
Harp Lessons
(See below for piano & recorder lessons)

I have been teaching music to people of all ages and skill levels since 1989. I have been playing the Celtic harp since 1993, and teaching harp to people in the Peterborough area since 1996. I have also organized numerous harp circles and Medieval & Renaissance music workshops. I am currently the artistic director of Hurly Burly, a medieval ensemble and choir, and play regularly with the Stringwood Trio and several local Celtic & Folk groups. (See Special Occasions for more information on group performances, and A Bit of History for more background info).

I teach a practical technique that draws on aspects of both pedal and folk harp techniques. My main focus is on getting around on the harp in the most efficient way possible, without compromising the health of your body (avoiding injury is a prime concern for harp players), and keeping in mind that everyone's hands are built differently. I also teach arranging for the Celtic (Lever/Folk) harp, and can help people develop their sight-reading, theory, play-by-ear and improvisational skills.

I also hold harp circles here in Peterborough 2-3 times per year. (A harp circle is a gathering of harpists, usually of diverse age and skill levels. It is not restricted to a specific style of harp or harp-playing, unless there is a workshop involved, in which case it may focus more on one type of music). If you wish to be informed of upcoming harp circles and other harp-related activities, let me know and I can put you on our e-mail list. You can also check out the Celtic Harp Page Events Section, the HarPO (OntarioHarps) Facebook page, and the Harp Blog, all of which are updated regularly.

For general information on playing the harp and where to find a harp, please feel free to browse the Celtic Harp Page FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

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Other Music Lessons

I also teach piano and recorder. I have been playing piano since roughly the age of four, and completed Grade 8 Royal Conservatory when I was a teenager. I have been playing recorders regularly in various ensembles since the early 1990's.

Piano lessons can be highly structured (eg. following the Royal Conservatory program) or more of a relaxed dialogue between teacher and student, where the student is more self-directed and plays a large role in the form and implementation of lessons. I've been classically trained since about the age of six, and have been actively involved in Celtic music since around 1993. I can also give pointers in folk, rock, pop, and improv.

Recorder lessons can be for all sizes (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and any style. My main focus is on earlier music (ie. Medieval to Baroque), but I am also happy to explore other styles of music such as folk and pop.

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