…1… lift off…

An old one for today, but it seemed appropriate.

where to find poetry

written on posts, on rails and stairs
written in chalk, on walls and sidewalks
in old bricked up alleyways
on boarded up windows
written on napkins, on old cardboard boxes
in the margins of fliers
on hat brims and T-shirts
drawn on sneakers, casts and mirrors
written in lipstick and magic marker
in crayon and finger-paint
written in wet sand, in mud and fresh clay
written with sticks, fingers and toes
written with pen knives, etched with keys
and dried out pen nibs
written on skin, in henna and ink
written on fabric, with wax on silk
carved into stone, wood and bone
written with beet juice, vegetable dye,
spilled coffee, melted chocolate
written on fogged up windows
on dusty furniture, and dirty car doors
written with pebbles, twigs and leaves
written in whipped cream and mashed potatoes
stamped into freshly fallen snow
written with sparklers, words on the air
written on fingernails, with nail polish and Sharpies,
white-out and paint
written anywhere, everywhere,
with everything & anything
words covering the world

permanent or ephemeral,
rain washed, tide erased
or measuring out centuries
this is how we say,
“we were here”

– T.H. (Blue book, Aug. ’09)

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