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  1. Hi Moonlight Tran – This isn’t the website for Lee Che-Yi, the Harp Blog just posts videos from time to time of performances we like. You could try contacting the people who posted the video on YouTube in case they have his contact information. I usually make a point of including a link to the harpist’s website when I can, but in this case I had trouble tracking it down. The closest thing I could find was this link to a recording he did with some other musicians: http://www.windmusic.com.tw/en/pro_detail.asp?PDT_NO=TCD-5297

  2. Hi, I am a professional cellist in Las Vegas. I’ve been approached by a cultural center to come up with a performance with eastern and western instruments. We currently have a harpist, violinist, cellist and on the eastern side we have a pipa, the ruan and Chinese leaf. Do you have any music that might work? or even just of part of the instruments. We want to celebrate some kind of western and eastern instruments together. I saw your Por Una Cabeza on Youtube and looked you up. Looks like you got lots of cds of easy listening types music. the Chinese themes might work really well for us. Please advise if you would release some music to be played in live concert. And that’s all, we dont intend to infringe on your copyrights. And you would get full credit as composer on the program.

    Moonlight Tran (I am in the Las Vegas Philharmonic and free lancer in town. I have upcoming event named Starlight and Strings: Tango, but music is all set for that one.

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