Harp-related lists and groups

There have been some new additions to the various harp-related groups on Yahoo, including the addition of an all-Ontario list, so I thought I’d post the list as I have it so far here. I’ve taken off groups that no longer exist or have not been active for an extended period of time. If you know of any active harp-related discussion groups that I’m missing, just let me know!

BCHarpsOnline (British Columbia harp group)
Harplist (Currently the largest harp-related group)
Harps_UK/International (Note that while very quiet lately, this group appears to still be active.)
Historical Harps (newly public)
Ontario Harps (new group; membership required)

For other types of harp groups and communities, print journals, and so on, you can visit the Celtic Harp Page general harp links section. Suggestions for new links are always welcome!