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September 2017 Update: The new Harp Blog is now over at https://celticharper.wordpress.com/blog. You can also visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/OntarioHarp
This site will remain up as an archived site for as long as WordPress supports it, so feel free to browse old posts. Comments have been disabled, so if you’d like to get in touch, please do so through the new site.

Thanks – and happy harping!


Celtic harp, drawing by Tanah Haney

Welcome to the Harp Blog! An offshoot of The Celtic Harp Page, this is a place to gab about harps and harping, post beginner tips and performance advice, and share gig stories, odd harp encounters, harp tunes, pictures, events announcements, and anything else harp-related.

Feel free to post your questions, thoughts, harp-related stories, or whatever strikes your fancy in the comments. The Harp Blog welcomes opinions and advice, as long as it’s civil and respectful. All comments will be moderated to avoid spam and flaming.

For more Harp Blog info, including updates and recent changes, check out About the Harp Blog

Harp on!