Andy McKee – Into the Ocean

The harp guitar is one of the few oddball hybrid instruments to stand the test of time. Depending on when you mark the first occurence of a “true” harp guitar, it’s been around in one form or another since the 18th/19th century (also in early forms as the “harp lute”).

For more info: – As its name suggests, a site dedicated to harp guitars. Includes explorations into the instrument’s history and the entymology of the term “harp guitar”. – More music by Andy McKee. See also Andy’s profile at Candy Rat records.

The Harp Guitar

harp guitar - copyright free image from Dover CDI thought it would be fun to periodically feature weird harps, or things that get mistaken for harps (or things with “harp” in the name that have no resemblance to harps as we know them). It’s also an easy thing to do when I’m totally bushed from gigging all day and my brain cells are functioning at minimal capacity.

Today’s feature is the harp guitar. I could go to the effort of doing a bunch of research on this elabourate and awkward-looking instrument, but there’s already a whole website dedicated to it at You can find out about the history of the harp guitar in this section.

Warning: if you try a Google image search of “weird harp pictures”, you might see some disturbing images of harp seals being clubbed. It took me a bit off guard so I just thought I’d mention it.