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Beautiful Creatures

Just finished watching Beautiful Creatures, the movie all the kids should have (IMHO) been obsessing over instead of getting hung up on the Twilight saga. Surprisingly sweet, touching and decently written underndeath the melodrama, with plenty of magic and nifty visuals to go around. I was genuinely surprised to see that it only garnered an average score of 6.2 on IMDb. Emma Thompson and Jeremy Irons are in top form, and the kids do a great job of portraying believable teenagers wrestling with a tricky supernatural conundrum. All the richness of the South that True Blood drew on, without the graphic sex and gory violence. Kind of a True Blood meets Witches of Eastwick that kids under eighteen can actually go to see. And yes, there were some over-the-top moments, but it was all in keeping with the genre and the mood being set. Think I might have to track down the book the movie was based on and give it a read.

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