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God damn you, Mister Moffat

Because you really are the devil incarnate.

I kind of think I might just love that crazy little troll.  The three amigos managed to pull it off, to my genuine surprise.  They went in a completely different direction for the first two – and then they did it again for the third.  If proper writing is about takings risks, they went there in spades.  Whether it paid off, is ultimately up to the viewer, but at least no one can say it was the same old, same old.

If I learned one thing today, it’s that there’s nothing more satisfying than when music comes together – I mean, I have to keep writing.  I have to keep writing, and get better, because if I manage to surprise someone, anyone, even just once, then it will all have been worth it.

Oh, and that nod to the Empty House (you know the one)… We love you for that too.  It won’t satisfy all those disappointed Moran fans, but it was a nice touch all the same.

(By the way, I wrote that only 68 minutes in to an 86 minute show.  Done now, and it’s still true.  Although the bit *before* the cliffhanger would have actually made a better cliffhanger, to be honest. ‘Til next time…)

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