Andy McKee – Into the Ocean

The harp guitar is one of the few oddball hybrid instruments to stand the test of time. Depending on when you mark the first occurence of a “true” harp guitar, it’s been around in one form or another since the 18th/19th century (also in early forms as the “harp lute”).

For more info: – As its name suggests, a site dedicated to harp guitars. Includes explorations into the instrument’s history and the entymology of the term “harp guitar”. – More music by Andy McKee. See also Andy’s profile at Candy Rat records.

Stairway to Heaven on Celtic Harp (Anne Roos)

It happens to everyone, no matter where you play; some idiot is bound to come up to you and ask if you do Stairway to Heaven, or Smoke on the Water.  The best response, I find (aside from stoically ignoring them), is to actually start playing it.  It’s also fun to play during a quiet period in a Celtic jam, and see if anyone notices.

Would be cooler without the annoying intro and the way the TV news guy cuts Anne off before she’s properly finished.

Here’s another sweet Celtic tribute to Zeppelin, with crop circles: