Heartland Harps & Ann Haymann’s “Planxty Cruit”

No, this isn’t an endorsement of Heartland Harps (although I would love to have one of my own, if space and finances weren’t so tight). It is, however, a lovely rendition of Planxty Cruit on wire harp performed by Ann Haymann. And they are very pretty harps. Maybe it will inspire you to come up with some Celtic decorations of your own!

One thought on “Heartland Harps & Ann Haymann’s “Planxty Cruit”

  1. lovely rendition. I am fortunate in having a Heartland Dreamweaver, beautifully made and unadorned and calling to me daily to let it sing….a wonderful thing for someone who’d had no skill for piano or banjo and who finds such joy in laying hands upon a harp that sings in response

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