New Outside Room Completed!

The cats enjoying their brand new outside room.  Click for bigger.

Miss Kitty Fantastico in her new outside room

Miss Kitty Fantastico looking pretty on her new perch.

Miss Kitty trying out the new shelves

All three cats love the new shelves, but MKF has totally owned them. To be fair, she totally owns the entire room; the other two are just tolerated guests. ;-)

Miss Kitty in the new outside room, May 2013

Look ma, no leash!

Dude and Miss Kitty

Mister Grumpy (aka Dude) hangin’ with the wee lass. She’s keeping an eye on him, as he’s had a tendency to swat at anyone who comes nearby. Still needs to work on his outdoor etiquette.

Jake and Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty and her best bud. Jake is still a little freaked by the new space, but likes being back in the fresh air again. And the shelves are pretty darn cool, too.


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3 Responses to New Outside Room Completed!

  1. Leigh

    Very cool!!! I’m sure the space will be enjoyed by everyone through the summer. Kudos to Anthony for doing such a lovely job. :)

  2. The sides are covered with chicken wire, which the bugs will happily fly right through, unfortunately. It does feel cozy sitting in it though. It blocks some of the wind and even the sun to some extent, so it makes for a nice sheltered space.

  3. Zilla's Other Half

    The space looks way cool. Does it have a double layer of screen so the bugs stay out for you guys sitting as well? Nice job Anthony! The cats look at home already. I can’t wait to see it in person.