Therese Honey – Branle de la Torche

Therese is playing a reproduction of the 17th C. “Boston Harp”, currently in the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The replica was built by Catherine Campbell, Port Townsend, Washington.
This arrangement of the popular Torche Branle by Praetorius can be found in Therese’s book “The Royale Harpist”. You can watch more of Therese’s performances (of both early and Celtic music) here.

The Wrong Trousers Rock Lestats

I just can’t get enough of these kids. Although it’s hard to find YouTube videos of them with any kind of decent sound quality (believe it or not, this is one of the better ones). One of my favourite performances of theirs is a street performance of Video Killed the Radio Star that we posted earlier here. The official Wrong Trousers MySpace page can be found here.

Two unique uses of the harp

Kids rock: Three high school kids (a group known as “The Wrong Trousers”) put on a great street performance of “Video Killed the Radio Star” (with harp, mandolin and stand-up bass).

Update Feb. ’09: Also found this version on YouTube; enjoy!

The sound quality isn’t ideal, but it’s a wonderfully unique use of the instruments, and the kids do a really good job (somewhat strained vocals at the end not withstanding).

On a slightly weirder note, there’s – harp duet versions of 10 Metallica songs, coming soon to a CD near you (be afraid… be very afraid).