2013 Earth Day Harp Circle Tunes

The 2013 Earth Day (Peace Day) Harp Circle tunes are up on Chubby Sparrow. The first is a duet version of Come Give Me Your Hand, with chords and notes for lever harp. The second is a slow air based on The Bays of Harris, with lyrics modified from Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “Evensong” (also with chords).

Everything in the “Free Music” section of the Chubby Sparrow site is free to download, print and/or listen to (please remember to include all acknowledgements and copyrights when printing).  Feel free to photocopy and/or share any of the tunes (non-commercial use only please).

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!

Cynthia Cathcart on Wire Harp: New Claret Duet

This piece can be found on Cynthia’s CD ‘Alchemy of a Rose’ (which I highly recommend). Not only is Cynthia an extremely accomplished wire harp player, she has also put out several excellent method & repertoire books for wire harp.  You can visit her website at cynthiacathcart.net